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  • Product Care
    • How do I clean my leathers?
      • To start with clean what muck off you can just with a damp cloth or baby wipes. For more stubborn grime you can use a more serious cleaner, leather also needs to fed to keep it supple, crack free and in good condition. There are a wide range of products avilable on the market, in our race department we use Motul M3 Perfect Leather. It cleanses, nourishes and revives all types of leather as well asl protecting against external wear, prolonging leather life and waterproofing. For more info please visit

    • How do I clean and re-waterproof my textiles?
      • For cleaning and re-waterproofing we recommend Nikwax products, for more info please visit

  • Product Information
    • Can I buy from RST direct?
      • RST do not sell direct. To purchase any RST product please locate your nearest dealer using our online dealer search here :

    • Where can i get my copy of the RST brochure?
      • You can request or download your copy online from Please note the request facility is UK only.

    • How close are the products supplied to racers to the products available for general sale, please?
      • They're exactly the same! The vast majority of racers we supply wear off the peg suits, the few that do have factory suits - primarily for team colours are still made to the exact same specification. Our badging department, which is open to the public, is the same as the racers use too, why we say you can get your suit badged just like the professionals. To find out more visit

    • I would like to not use my knee sliders when commuting to work, do you make leather patches to cover the Velcro?
      • Sorry this isn't an item that we offer at present. We would recommend trying a local independant leather craftsman/craftswoman.

    • I have a 2009 model jacket what trousers will it zip to?
      • Jackets and trousers that are post 2010 will all zip together for anything pre 2010 you would need to purchase a connection zip from your nearest RST stockist, find yours by using our dealer search tool

    • I want a replica/custom/made to measure suit can you produce this for me?
      • Unfortunately we don’t do currently offer replica/custom or made to measure suit service at present. All of our suits are off the peg although our professional badging service is open to the public; so you can have your RST suit badged up like the pros (please note you must have necessary permission to use any logos), for more info please visit

    • I have found that the arms of the jackets I've tried on are not long enough for me, please can you make me one with longer arms?
      • Unfortunately at present this is not a service we offer and we are unable to produce custom fit clothing as all of our clothing is of a standard size and fit.

    • I have lost the inner lining for my jacket can I purchase a replacement?
      • The inner linings to our jackets are made one per jacket and are not currently a stocked item so unfortunately we would be unable to help you find a replacement.

  • Dealers
    • I would like to become a dealer with you can I have more information on how I go about this?
      • To become one of our dealers you need to have a business premises as it is our policy that we do not deal with internet only companies, please send us an e-mail with your full contact details including your premises address and we will pass your details on to your local account manager who will contact you in due course.

  • Repairs
    • I need to send my goods back for repairs, can you let me know how long I expect to be without them?
      • We endeavour to repair all items and return within 1 week, during our busy periods this can sometimes extend to 2 weeks. If we have to prder in parts spefically this may take longer, but you will be informed that this is the case.

    • Where can I get my garment / product repaired?
      • Please contact your nearest dealer and they should be able to advise. Moto-direct do offer a repair service but this should be carried out through your local dealer. You can find yours here

  • Returns / Warranty
    • I need to send my goods back for repair but need them to commute, do you offer a loan service?
      • We do offer a loan service, provided we have the size available, please contact your dealer and he will advise accordingly.

    • If I am given a replacement garment do I get another 12 months warranty?
      • Unfortunately the warranty is from date of original purchase not replacement date.

    • I received my goods as a gift and they are faulty can I claim warranty?
      • You can complain to the dealer the goods where purchased from provided you have the original proof of purchase, invoice or guarantee card. If the goods were arranged to be delivered to you, this can be used as proof of purchase.

    • I purchased my goods from another country whilst on holiday, how do I claim warranty?
      • You will need to contact the dealer / retailer that you purchased it from?

    • I purchased my goods second hand can my warranty be transferred?
      • If you buy goods from a private individual, for example through an online auction site or an advert in a newspaper or shop window you would not be entitled to transfer this warranty. You could only go back to the person you purchased it from if the description did not match.

    • Who is responsible for the warranty on my goods?
      • The dealer the goods were purchased from would be responsible for the warranty. If you buy goods from a dealer and they are not of satisfactory quality, fit for purpose or don't match their description, the dealer will probably have to put things right. It is the dealer who is responsible for this, and not the manufacturer. If a dealer tells you the manufacturer is responsible, or that you have to make a claim on a manufacturers' guarantee, you do not have to accept this.

    • What the warranty period on my garments / products?
      • Most products carry a standard 12 months warranty, however premium lines can sometimes be greater, please check with your local dealer if you are unsure.

  • Spare / Replacement Parts
    • Can i get replacement toe sliders for my RST Tractech Evo boots?
      • Yes, they are a stocked spare part and are available to order through your local dealer - to find yours please visit

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