Power Maxed Arenacross Tour

The Power Maxed Arenacross Tour is now just X days away!!

Arenacross is an exhilarating two months of Saturday night live entertainment for the whole family. Taking place in some of the UK’s best and biggest concert venues, AX is headlined by some of the most colossal action sports heroes in the world. Its lights, lasers, fireworks, music, racing, freestyle motocross, pure grit and passion, all put together in a way you’ve never seen before…And now it’s going international too. With thousands of loyal fans streaming through the Arena doors every year, it’s safe to say that the atmosphere at an Arenacross Tour stop is pretty mega. These guys have taken the traditional sport of motocross racing and supercharged it – the rider meet and greets before the show are a highlight for kids young and old, the lights, lasers, pyro and DJ will have you feeling like you’re at a huge music festival, and the adrenaline of the racing itself will throw you into some kind of frenzied stupor and make you holler for more!

Book your tickets and VIP experiences here: www.arenacrossuk.com

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