At Motul we take bike maintenance seriously. We stock lubricants and have chain care kits that make cleaning your motorbike chains quick and easy, with on road and off road versions available. Our C5 chain paste has a specially designed brush applicator tip for all chains including go karts and road bikes. MOTUL Fuel System Clean is great for cleaning the entire fuel system, giving you improved engine performance, a marked saving in fuel and gaining you a longer life of the entire fuel system.

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  1. Diesel Engine Clean

    Diesel Engine Clean

    Designed to clean diesel fuel systems in all types of direct or inderect injection diesel engines. This will effectively clean any engine with clogging or dirtying which appears in fuel systems. This ... Learn More
  2. Chain Care Kit

    Chain Care Kit

    MOTUL Chain Care Kit Includes: - Chain Lube (Road)- C1 Chain Clean- Chain Brush Price £15.49... Learn More
  3. Chain Care Kit - Off road

    Chain Care Kit - Off road

    The Motul chain care kit Off road is a must have for any rider who goes off road. The kit consists of Motul C1 Chain clean, C3 Chain lube off road and also includes the Motul chain cleaning brush &nb... Learn More
  4. Fogging Oil

    Fogging Oil

    This protects the internal parts of your engine from corrosion and rust. By doing so the longevity of your engine will increase. This is designed primarily for vehicles which are stored or stationary ... Learn More
  5. Stabilizer 250ML

    Stabilizer 250ML

    Motul Stabilizer is a multipurpose formula to protect gasoline against oxidation, making it easier for your motorcycle to start up after wintering. the solution also helps avoiding deposits building u... Learn More


    Very powerful non-chlorinated degreaser for brake discs and drums, clutches, spark plugs. Effectively removes oil, grease, brake fluid, tar and dust. Packaging: 0,400L spray Price: £9... Learn More
  7. C2 Chain Lube Road

    C2 Chain Lube Road

    Colourless and sticky lubricant specifically designed to lubricate all chains of road bikes and karts. Packaging: 0,400L spray - Price: £9.29... Learn More


    White coloured lubricant for racing motorcycle chains: Speed and Endurance. Based on solid additives AW / EP. Packaging: 0,400L, 0,100l spray Price: £11.49 / £4.29... Learn More
  9. P4 E.Z. LUBE

    P4 E.Z. LUBE

    Multi-purpose fluid lubricant: unblocks, lubricates and protects from corrosion all metal parts by depositing a protective film. Packaging: 0,400L spray Price: £6.99... Learn More
  10. Engine Clean Moto

    Engine Clean Moto

    Cleans and protects the engine. Engine cleaner to add to engine oil before drain, developed for gasoline naturally aspirated engines. Keeps new oil clean longer and restores engine compression. Packa... Learn More

Items 1 to 10 of 18 total

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