General Maintenance

Find the perfect Motul Engine Cleaner for you to complete your motorcycle maintenance and general engine maintenance. Engine and fuel system maintenance is important for keeping your machine running at it’s best. Whether you’re looking to do a full fuel system clean or to protect the internal parts from corrosion with some fogging oil, we’ve got a product for you.

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  1. Top gel (hand wash soap)

    Top gel (hand wash soap)

    This is a handwash which uses microballs and hand washing soap for suing after working on your vehicle. This is developed for both professional and personal use.   Packaging: 3L Can P... Learn More
  2. Diesel Engine Clean

    Diesel Engine Clean

    Designed to clean diesel fuel systems in all types of direct or inderect injection diesel engines. This will effectively clean any engine with clogging or dirtying which appears in fuel systems. This ... Learn More
  3. Valve Expert

    Valve Expert

    This is a lead substitute for leaded gasoline engines and will clean and protects valves in cars, motorcycles, boats and any mechanical farming equipment. The phosphorus formula provides maximum prote... Learn More
  4. Stabilizer 250ML

    Stabilizer 250ML

    Motul Stabilizer is a multipurpose formula to protect gasoline against oxidation, making it easier for your motorcycle to start up after wintering. the solution also helps avoiding deposits building u... Learn More
  5. Fogging Oil

    Fogging Oil

    This protects the internal parts of your engine from corrosion and rust. By doing so the longevity of your engine will increase. This is designed primarily for vehicles which are stored or stationary ... Learn More
  6. Fuel System Clean Moto

    Fuel System Clean Moto

    MOTUL Fuel System Clean can be used in all 4 stroke motorcycles to clean the entire fuel system. Soiling caused by the operation, e.g.: deposits in the combustion chamber and on valves, gumming in the... Learn More
  7. Engine Clean Moto

    Engine Clean Moto

    Cleans and protects the engine. Engine cleaner to add to engine oil before drain, developed for gasoline naturally aspirated engines. Keeps new oil clean longer and restores engine compression. Packa... Learn More

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